Lighter Gas Refill

?How do we de-gas when we dispose of a Lighter Gas Refill?

Confirm that there are no fires or open flames in your surrounding area outside.

☆Lighter Gas Refill with de-gassing cap.
Use the de-gassing cap by following the instructions written on the Lighter Gas Refill and de-gas the canister.
☆Lighter Gas Refill without a de-gassing cap
Turn the Lighter Gas Refill upside down, and then slant it and press the metal nozzle on the ground for de-gassing.
De-gassing the can will result in coldness because of the heat of evaporation.
When the can becomes empty, dispose it as you would like a normal spray can.
It may be necessary to put a hole in the can depending on where you are de-gassing and the rules and regulations of the municipality where it is done, so please confirm your municipality’s rules and regulations before de-gassing.

?If refilling does not go well

The diameter of the inlet and nozzle of the gas refill varies so there may be some degree of leakage, even to the slightest extent.
Hold the lighter and gas refill upright when filling, they must be vertical. Fill the lighter several times intermittently with short injects.

?There is no ignition even though the lighter has be filled with gas

① Even if the lighter is filled and there is no ignition, the problem may be the quality of the lighter.
② A lighter that has not been used in a long time may not ignite because its parts may have fused together.
※ Should you have problems regarding case ①、② written above, please contact your lighter’s manufacturer.

?What is the main ingredient of our gas?

The main ingredient is butane. (liquid petroleum gas)

?About preservation

Please avoid areas of humidity and direct sunlight. Store in a dark cool place.

?About the expiration date for use

There is no strict expiration date for use. If there is no rust or transformation in the external appearance of the can, the gas inside will not change. It can be used for up to ten years.

Lighter (Disposable)

?Wish to dispose a lighter with gas remaining in it?

Confirm that a fire or flame does not exist in your surrounding area. Push down on the operating lever. When the lighter ignites, blow the flame out immediately.
Prepare tape or an object to affix to the operation lever, in order to keep the lever depressed.
Then, leave the lighter outside where a fire or flame is not present.
When the lighter becomes empty, dispose it as noncombustible trash.

?Exclusively used for tobacco.

This lighter is made only for the exclusive use of lighting tobacco.
Do not use this lighter for lighting incense or fireworks. It was designed exclusively for lighting tobacco.

?What is the main ingredient of our gas?

The main ingredient is butane. (liquid petroleum gas)

?About storage

After ignition, always confirm that the fire has been extinguished. Do not store your lighter where children can reach it.

Lighter Fluid

?About lighter flint

Only use flints that have been exclusively made for the MARVELOUS・DOUGLASS. The size of other company’s flints are different in diameter, and will cause your lighter to breakdown.
(Please exclusively look for flints in your favorite tobacco shops that say “Made for MAVELOUS”)

?About the use of oil

Use lighter fluid commonly found in shops.
The length of preservation for lighter fluid differs according to quality. (Lighter fluid will evaporate quickly when the temperatures rise.)

?About the wick

The wick will become black and will ignite poorly after using lighter fluid for a while, so gently pull up the wick and cut away several millimeters of the black part using radio pliers, cutters, or the like.

?In case of not using it for a long time

Store the lighter after removing the flint. (Parts may become hard on the inside causing difficulty in igniting, in some cases.)

?About repair

We provide repair services for such things as ignition difficulty. Please contact our After Service Center noted below. Charges may be incurred in some cases.
(For example, items that have passed 6 months from their date of purchase, or items that have been misused regardless even if it is still under terms of warranty.)

☆アフターサービスセンター  TEL 03-3432-1668 平日10:00~16:00

Micro Filter

?What is the cut rate of nicotine?

Nicotine, tar and so forth, which are found in tobacco, will be reduced by about 20% to 30%.

?When is the guideline for changing the filter?

When the filter becomes dark brown, it is time to replace it with a new one.

?The filter falls off while using it

There are some tobacco brands which do not fit inside the filter because of their thickness and there are some variations of dimeter inside the filter.
As you gradually knock the ashes off, a gap will emerge little by little and it will become easy for the cigarette to fall out, so please be aware at all times, especially when you are driving, or the like.
Please pay attention to long sized cigarettes as well.